A day & night in heaven and hell

A day & night in heaven and hell

Just like any true Indian, we like to mix things around, be it food, or drinks, or food & drinks, or in our case we even mix reviews of food and drinks. Makes for great combinations and works for lazy editors. So here’s our take on the world-famous (thanks to the Notorious Corner McGregorProper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, along with a new sensation in the Indian F&B market, Bacon Bourbon Relish from the Nomad Food Project. While we sourced this “knockout” of a whiskey directly from Ireland, we wrote to the Nomad Food Project and told them of our intention to review their bacon relish (intention to devour their bacon relish), and they were kind enough to send us a sample along with a few of their other delicacies like the Onion Garlic relish and their Mushroom Butter.

Now let’s get straight to the point. We pulled out these treasures one lazy sunny Sunday and got to work. We had the first round of Proper No. Twelve on the rocks. The first thing that came to mind:
Me: A smokey, watered-down ethanol with a hint of sweetness.

Sooraj: Tastes like someone’s interpretation of Black Label.
Marcus: Okay, I think this shit is going to fuck us up.
Sid: *Wasnt given any*.

We popped open the Bacon Bourbon Relish and had our first round of tasting. Not a word was uttered. Everyone just went directly to fill their mouths with the next scoop of it. It is by far one of the most addictive substances we have ever tried. The smokiness of the bacon along with the sweetness of bourbon is a combination to die for, ’cause when you die from this you go straight to heaven.



We then moved on to our second round of the Proper 12, and this time we watered it down, not just to taste a milder version of the drink but also because drinking it straight up felt like a meeting between your face and the fists of Corner Mc Gregor himself.

It became a lot easier to down them diluted. reducing the concentration of this spirit helped our palettes taste a bit more than just the raw ethyl alcohol; like the hints of vanilla, and a mild sweetness we are not too sure where from. This is by far not the best whiskey we’ve tasted but definitely by far not the worst either. Also, it pays to be a true Indian with a stomach of steel; although we complained a lot about how crude the drink tasted, I guess the underlying reason behind our disappointment was our high expectations of it. I guess we were expecting Corner to have developed a more refined taste thanks to the millions he’s been earning but no, the guy being true to his Irish blood gives you a bottled smackdown that leaves you feeling like most of his opponents in the ring. As for the million dollar question, “would we drink this again?”, Hell Yeah! We like our coffee, booze and women strong.

The Bacon relish was over within an hour of opening the jar. And by the end of the night, we were also done with the bottle of Proper No. 12. And a bottle of Black Label. And half a bottle of The Botanist. We hope that it’s safe to say our first reviewing experience was fun, ’cause we sure as hell don’t remember.

Proper No. Twelve is not yet available in the Indian market so ask your “Anty from abraad” to bring down a bottle this Christmas. As for the Bacon Bourbon Relish, you can pick up these bottles of heaven through the link given below.

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Reviewed by Gautam Pattathil (Editor)

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