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BandLab Launches a new feature SPLITTER!

Splitter is a revolutionary tool for separating vocals, bass, drums, and other sounds into distinct tracks. This means you can now listen to each individual element of a song without any interference from the other instruments. This also makes it possible for musicians and producers to quickly remix and manipulate tracks in order to create their own distinct versions! The ultimate practice instrument saves your time. Splitter is here to help you master your craft and practise it to perfection, whether you're a beginner learning an instrument for the first time or a pro searching for new methods to hone your skills.

Another useful feature is the ability to isolate a section for effective practice. To hear the percussive components more clearly, for example, use Splitter's drum extractor to isolate all percussion instruments as a single recording. The options are endless from there. Master the drum fill exactly as it is, or spark new ideas to adapt and make something new! This applies to any instrument - learn the chords to that killer verse, or remove the lyrics and sing along to your favourite acts.

Trying to practise a song but the vocal note is out of range? Aside from removing vocals or instruments from a recording, Splitter's key finder can be used to change the pitch and key. Learn your favourite song and infuse it with your distinct vocal technique!

To focus on a specific portion of the song – loop the part to keep going at it, or practice at a slower pace by changing the speed. Rinse and repeat until you’ve nailed that riff – those blazing guitar solos have got nothing on you.

There are so many ways to practice with Splitter ,there are handy tutorials that you can access which are totally free.

Splitter allows you to upload an unlimited number of tracks for free and accept all audio file formats, including mp3, wav, and m4, as well as video files. Just make sure each file is less than 15 minutes lengthy.

There are so many ways you can play with Splitter:

Adjust the volume levels

You can adjust the volume levels individually using the mixer. For example, you’ll be able to hear the drum parts more clearly by lowering the volume of the other three tracks.

Hear only what you want

To practice with a specific track, isolate the tracks you want to listen to by tapping the Mute (M) and Solo (S) buttons. Then, adjust the volume level individually using the mixer. For example, you can isolate the vocal track from your song and sing along to match your notes perfectly.

Adjust the key and speed

Practicing a song, but its key doesn’t suit your vocal range? Use Splitter’s key finder to adjust the pitch and key, so you can bring your own flavor to the vocal line.

Don’t get intimidated by that complex guitar riff! Splitter’s tempo finder can alter the speed of your track, so lower the speed of your track for a more controlled way to learn. Perfect it bar by bar, then shoot for the complete verse.

Listen, play, repeat

Practice makes perfect – just tap the loop button so you can rehearse your selected track on repeat. If you’re trying to nail a specific part of the song, adjust the loop region by dragging the region marker. That way, you can just loop a section of the song. Simply tap the loop button again to turn it off.

checkout this new feature that could help and save your time at creativity.

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