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Berlin government gives out 50 euros to youth for clubbing

It's fascinating to learn about the Berlin government's initiative to encourage youth participation in the city's cultural scene by providing them with a 50 euro clubbing card. This programme is only available to people between the ages of 18 and 23, who have a registered address ID in the city and have registered online.

The card is valid from February to April 2023, and it covers the entrance fee at clubs, which will undoubtedly provide a valuable opportunity for young people to experience the city's vibrant nightlife.

Senator Klaus Lederer also emphasised the importance of such cultural programs to promote the participation of all Berliners in art and culture.

After the recent restrictions due to the pandemic, such programs are an excellent way to help young people connect with their city's cultural heritage and build a sense of community. Hopefully, this initiative will inspire other cities to offer similar programs to engage young people in their cultural landscapes.

As of many others in India feel frustrated by the lack of support for the music and clubbing community. It is important for governments to recognise the value of these industries, both as a cultural expression and as a source of economic activity and job creation.

In India, we struggle to maintain a community of music and clubbing. We hope that the government will lend a helping hand to the clubbing communityThere is barely a situation in India where the clubbing community is taken into consideration by any politician, as it appears to be a taboo in our society.

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