To the Moon and back

To the Moon and back

Shiva Moon aka Shiv Gupta from Chennai has been an integral part of the electronic music industry since the late 90’s.

Known for his intelligent and carefully crafted sets, his music has enthralled audiences at some of the biggest festivals as well as hip bars and clubs across the world for the last two decades.

He is also the founder and festival director of The GO:MADras Electronic music festival, which has been a landmark event in India’s festival calendar for the last 10 years and is one of India’s oldest running electronic music festivals.

How did the transition of Shiv Gupta and Shiva Moon happen?
There’s never been any transition as such, Shiv Gupta is my name and Shiva Moon is my stage name as an artist.

Coming from a business family, could you tell us more about why you chose a career in music?

I have always been passionate about music from the time I was a kid but didn’t have the opportunity to learn, as I was primarily focused on athletics, sports, and academics. When I was at university abroad, I learned more about electronic music and started DJ’ing at small parties. After returning to India I decided to study sound engineering at SAE Chennai, which really was the building block to my musical career and provided me with a solid foundation to go forward in the music industry.

How do you find a balance between your business and music?
I enjoy doing both and have learned a lot from both. When I was getting into music, it was working in the business that paid the bills and fund the passion, equipment, etc. Plus in India at that time it was hard to purely survive on your musical talents because the music scene in terms of gigs, venues etc were very limited. Over time music itself has become almost a full-time business, so the business background helps. Learning to manage both and enjoy doing both is the key.

Shiv Final
Shiva Moon at Go Madras 7.

Techno or Psy?
I like them both from a dance floor perspective and think both have their time and place. Techno sounds great at indoor venues, warehouse environments etc Psy and progressive sounds are great for outdoor parties and festivals. The music I play has influences from both as well as other genres of music / electronic music and then I tweak it to suit a particular event, venue, audience or performance.

GOMadras completed 10 years last year, how does it make you feel? What were some of the highlights from all these years?

It’s a major milestone and it has been great being part of the festival’s development over the last ten years. The highlights would be all the great music we have had at the festival, fantastic venues, amazing people from Chennai, across India and abroad who support us year after year and respect from the national and international music community.

Shiva Moon at Go Madras 9.

What are your future plans for GoMadras?
GO MADRAS XI , the rest shall be unveiled at the right time.

What do you think is the future for the nightlife scene in Chennai?
I definitely think Chennai has come a long way since my early days as a DJ in this city. There are definitely a lot more venues, events, festivals, people partying, so I guess the future looks bright. One thing I would like to see is a lot more variety in terms of music though not just Techno, Psy, Commercial and Desi music, I feel other cities are far ahead of us in this aspect and in terms of choices they offer on a weekend.

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