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Pioneer releases iOS dj app for you phones

Begin your DJ adventure or perfect your mixing skills.rekordbox is a DJ app that allows anyone, from beginners to experts, to enjoy the thrill of DJing.

Anyone who enjoys music can simply begin DJing for free using this app.

You can also take things to the next level by using this software together with compatible DJ equipment like the DDJ-FLX4.

Professional-level DJing for free,rekordbox is the number one DJ app,all the basic features you need for DJing, such as decks, samplers, mixers, effects, loops, and more, are all available for free, you can DJ at house parties, bars, clubs, and festivals. Mix in some EDM, hip-hop, techno, pop, or whatever music you want.

Give it a shot!!there's a world of entertainment ready for you.Even if you don't have your own music, you can get into the party mood right away by using tracks from SoundCloud, TIDAL, and other streaming services.

rekordbox includes an array of features that allow you to be creative and put your own spin on your favourite tracks.Simply touch the pads on the screen to rearrange the composition of a recording or add a new texture to the sound with Pad FX.You can change the key of the music with a single touch using Key Shift, without changing the speed. To get a different viewpoint, try making a track sound high or low.

Want to operate DJ equipment like a pro?To take your performances to the next level, attach Pioneer DJ equipment such as the DDJ-FLX4.You can also DJ with your preferred playlists by connecting PRO DJ LINK to professional DJ equipment in clubs such as the CDJ-3000 or XDJ-XZ.The DDJ-FLX4 is currently the only DJ equipment that can be used with the DJ play feature.

This will open up the possibility of learning to DJ for a large number of people in India, given the greater cost of equipment in the country.A beginner's dream will be fulfilled here, which is a positive start.

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