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Mali: The Indian Indie Sensation Making Her Mark on the Music Industry

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

From releasing critically acclaimed music, to being the kind of Indian Indie success story that gets woven into the musical fabric of a generation, Mali has had an exciting journey to today.

Based in Mumbai, this singer-songwriter started her musical journey in her hometown Chennai. Inspired by her grandfather’s musical prowess, she learned early she wanted to be a musician just like him. Mali’s first band Bass-in-Bridge got her started in the world of Indie music. By 2011 she went solo, lent her voice to film and dropped her debut album in 2013. Taking a chance on herself and her dreams she used her savings to book a ticket to Mumbai and the rest as they say is HERstory.

Mali has since taken Indie India by storm, releasing 8 singles, 2 EPs and an album. She features on festival stages across the country, represents India abroad, you can find her face in the magazines and hear her voice from ads to film. This multi-hyphenate has set her own tone, celebrating her unique, genre agnostic sound and letting her music speak for itself.

Mali’s writing is all heart as she draws from her lived experiences, joys and struggles to take her listeners on a melodic journey storytelling and inviting you into her world. Her undeniable gift for poetry and songwriting, has created soulful and poignant earworms that will be sure to stay with you for a while. Her 2020 hit “Age of Limbo” was hailed a Lockdown anthem and her soul stirring single “Absolute” quickly racked up views, shared by the likes of industry giants like A.R.Rahman. This time Mali had given us something different through her poetic political commentary on absolute power and privilege, survival, betrayal and freedom.

In an interview with the S.A.M. School of Music, she shared, “However difficult or challenging, it’s always been interesting and thats what helped me write the music I did.” That secret Mali sauce has given listeners poignant and emotional earworms that will be sure to stay with you a while.

After a 1.5 year release-hiatus Mali welcomed us back to her story in 2022 through her latest single Ashes. Shot in an Austrian Medieval Castle, this single is painted in themes of heartbreak, hope, and healing, staying true to her brand of honest and vulnerable songwriting.

And while she crosses more milestones, she always keeps it real, sharing openly with her audiences that this career and path is no cake walk. In her TedX Talk she shared, “Sometimes we have these little epiphanies or ‘shot-in-the-arm moments’, where someone comes out of the blue and says you know I really love the song you wrote, I really felt it, and that makes up for all those days of being blue and consumed by self doubt.” You can catch her latest Home Sessions on Apple Music.

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